Places we do in the Inner West

Remember when people wouldn't cross 'the bridge' to come over to the West? The tables are turning with suburbs like Footscray being called the new Fitzroy.

It's a peak time to be Westie for many reasons and here we're sharing 3 of the Places we do in the Inner West. 

1. Brotherhood Yiros + Grill 

Brotherhood Yiros platter

Phenomenal greek food made in a little hole-in-the-wall kitchen off Admiral St, Seddon. Brotherhood Yiros is the perfect takeaway to enjoy in a local park, or have it sent in to the next door bar at Lay Low

IG: @thebrotherhoodyiros


 2. Lay Low Bar 

 Lay Low Bar

Photo credit @urbanlistmelb @griffinsimm 

For those who haven't discovered it yet, Lay Low Bar has a secret entrance in a dark corner of our Brixton Pound Seddon store.

Even if they weren't our great friends and happened to be situated at another location, we'd still pop in and visit them because their cocktails are absolutely amazing.

IG: @laylowseddon


3. Little Man Cafe

Little Man cafe  

Seddon has many great cafes and each has it's own personality. When you're needing soft pastel interiors and plenty of bright natural lighting with your filter pour-over coffee, Little Man Cafe on Victoria St, Seddon is the place to go.

IG: @littlemancafe


If you're ever looking for more local tips, pop in-store and ask us. We've got a million suggestions for great coffee, food, and bars!

Best, JT at Brixton Pound Online.