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Local Artist Shout-Out: Friendships

Friendships are a Melbourne-based art collaboration that produce some wonderfully tripped out genre-bending beats. An art project. One part music (Nic) & one part visual (Misha). The audio-visual project of Misha Grace and Nicholas Brown moves between genres, parties, and living rooms.

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5 Melbourne Based Designers You Should Know

Local creators are a pinnacle source of our daily inspiration at Brixton Pound. It's that same creativity that drives us to continue seeking out the most talented brands and interesting products to bring to our stores, so our community always has the best access to the best looks.

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Places we do in the Inner West

Remember when people wouldn't cross 'the bridge' to come over to the West? The tables are turning with suburbs like Footscray being called the new Fitzroy. Since 2010, it has been our vision to bring the best of Melbourne and beyond to our local area.  It's a peak time to be Westie for so many reasons and here we're sharing 5 of the Places we do in the Inner West. 

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